Good And Not So Good: Accessories

I have a few good and not so good accessory products I would like to share with you all. I can’t speak for other countries but I have come across many Americans that believe if a product is listed extremely low is because there is something wrong with it or it is made cheaply. Sometimes this is true however being a blogger I have come across a few online stores that sell high quality products at unbeatable prices! That being said, it is best not to judge a book by its cover because you never know what extraordinary treasures you might find (disclaimer: please note even though I received all of the items free all opinions are my own).


The Good And Not So Good

The Good…

Because my 14 year old son plays school and travel baseball throughout spring and summer I use a lot of hats to block the sun from my face. During the colder months I like to use them to keep my head warm. I also like to wear them when I’m too tired to comb my hair or too busy to style it. Honesty, I simply love to wear hats because they are stylish and can create a plain outfit look edgier. The hat that you see below is my new straw fedora hat from NewChic. I really love this online store because you can find any type of outfit at bargain prices. This great quality hat looks amazing in person and fits like a glove! I really love the multicolor design to it and the cute knotted detail that goes around the entire hat. I am excited that I will be able to wear it with my maxi dresses, shorts, jeans and bathing-suit because it’s so versatile.


The Good And Not So Good accessories: NewChic fedora hat, Tantino Aviator sunglasses, Noulakha Topez Unisex watch

The Good…

The next item I want to share is my new Tantino Classic Aviator sunglasses. I already owned a pair of silver tone ones but needed a pair of gold tone ones to match them with my gold tone accessories and jewelry. I wanted a simple design because my silver tone ones have bling to them. I really like the gold tone metal on the frames and the tint to them. They also fit very comfortably on my nose, ears and head. They are designed with 100% UVA/UVB Rays to protect my eyes from the sun. Although I wish they were polarized it doesn’t bother me too much because they are close to perfection. Here is a 20 % off coupon code: 20off1574 on anything at the store.



The Good And Not So Good accessories: NewChic fedora hat, Tantino Aviator sunglasses, Noulakha Topez Unisex watch

Not So Good But Also Good…

Finally this last item is both good and not so good. Let my explain why…

  • The Good: This Topaz Unisex 5068AML watch has a beautiful classic rectangular design to it. I like the pearly white face, rose gold metal on the edges, and stainless steel back.
  • The Not So Good: What is disappointing about this watch is the band. In the description of the website it states the watch is genuine leather but I’m not so sure about that because genuine leather products have a leather scent to it, feels soft and flexible. As I inspected the Topaz Unisex watch it looks and feels like man made leather. Also it is stiff and it doesn’t have the leather scent to it. As you can see in the 2nd collage picture the band doesn’t rest nicely on my wrist because it’s stiff.


The Good And Not So Good accessories: Noulakha Topez Unisex watch

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