Why Fitness Is Important To Live A Long Healthy Life

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Living a fit life is so important for everyone. In fact, people that do not incorporate fitness into their lives tend to have a high risk of medical conditions. Basically, becoming physically fit requires a change in the way you think and lifestyle. The top reason people say they don’t exercise is because they just don’t have the time to fit it into their schedule.



Fitness, exercise, DeskCycle



The Benefits of fitness…

  • Induces your energy level – when you exercise you will release endorphins into your bloodstream that will make you feel more energized throughout your day.
  • Look more fit at any age – it builds your muscles, makes them look tight which makes you look younger.
  • Boots mental state  – Fitness is so important for everyone because it increases serotonin. This chemical allows the brain cells and other nervous system cells to communicate with each other and make you feel happier and relaxed. In other words, when people have low serotonin levels in the brain it increases depression.
  • Exercising helps prevent diseases – doing daily exercise will reduce the chances of getting heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, loss of muscle mass and osteoporosis.
  • Ease the aging process – makes your body look firmer and protects your bones and joints.




Easy Way To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Routine


Because there are too many people with busy lives, 3D Innovations created the DeskCycle. This amazing product is like a bike that allows you to ride it while working, watching tv, reading, etc.The DeskCycle has 8 resistance levels and it is easy to carry anywhere. You don’t have to worry about making noise while you are peddling because it is smooth and quiet. In addition, you will burn more calories because it has 2 – 10 times the maximum resistance of other pedal exercisers.


Fitness, exercise, DeskCycle

Fitness, exercise, DeskCycle


My experience…

I tried it myself and totally love it! The DeskCycle is made very well, easy to put together and use. I am able to pedal it forward or backward which works out different muscle groups on my legs. When I don’t have time to exercise I use it underneath my desk while working. Also, I’m able to use it underneath my dining room table while I’m eating and at night when I’m watching tv. It doesn’t even bother my husband when I use it in my bedroom at night while he is sleeping.


  Fitness, exercise, DeskCycleThe DeskCycle is also available on Amazon.


Finally, too many people are out of shape because they don’t have the time to workout. What is scary is that many people don’t realize by not exercising it increases their chances to get an illness, feel down and experience more aches and pain. Thankfully, products like the DeskCycle allow us to work out comfortably when we are working, eating or watching tv.

26 Responses to “Why Fitness Is Important To Live A Long Healthy Life

  • This Wife Cooks
    3 months ago

    This is a great reminder to get up and MOVE! I finally bought a treadmill recently and still have to force myself to use it but then it feels so good when I’m done! 🙂

  • Danielle Thomson
    3 months ago

    This is such a great idea! I spend most of my day sitting at my desk without moving around too much and this could be a great way to get more active!

  • Completely agreed, fitness is not only about getting zero figure but also to maintain a healthy body and mind. I stay fresh and feel energetic after workout even if it’s for half hour. We should push ourselves a little bit too adapt this fitness regime!!

  • Debbie Savage
    3 months ago

    Such a great post! This is exactly what I tell myself Monday through Friday as I make my way to the gym after school drop off! Sometimes I just don’t want to be there but after I am done I applaud myself! LOL!

  • I want a desk cycle! I would use it a ton during the winter as I work and/or watch tv. Adding and keeping fitness is an important lifestyle to have, the health benefits are all around good for us there’s no doubt about it ; )

  • Adriana Martin (@ABRecipes)
    3 months ago

    This gadget sounds like a great option and then combined with the correct diet no doubt this will help for a better lifestyle.

  • Cat Khanh
    3 months ago

    The DeskCycle sounds like an amazing post! Keeping fit is defintiely very important in order to stay healthy and doing exercise plays an important part in avoiding disease. Thanks for this useful post!

  • loveyoumoretoo
    3 months ago

    I agree completely. Fitness is very important to a healthy life for sure. I love living a fit life, even if I sometimes skip a few days. Its always good getting back in to it.

  • Life With Lorelai
    3 months ago

    I agree, fitness is important in every stage of life. Staying active is one of the best things you can do to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy and vibrant.

  • Jill Fickling-Conyers
    3 months ago

    Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. This looks like a cool option for lifelong fitness.

  • theclutterboxblog
    3 months ago

    What an interesting tool. My daily yoga practice is super important to me and I need to incorporate more fitness into my life!

  • Krysti Jaims
    3 months ago

    I absolutely love this idea! As someone who sits at their desk all day I could definitely benefit from using one.

  • thenafranssen
    2 months ago

    Fitness is hard, but important. Do something daily, your body will thank you!

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