Why Fall Season Is Absolutely The Best In The East Coast

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Autumn is a season many people in the East Coast love the most. The reason for this is because fall season on the east coast has spectacular landscape and cool weather that takes your breath away. Personally, I can’t pinpoint one exact reason why I love fall. But instead, I can give you a few reasons why fall is absolutely the best on the east coast.


Why Fall Season Is Absolutely The Best In The East Coast

1). The cool transformation of color in the leaves that quickly turns from green to yellow and orange.

2). The crackling sound of the leaves makes when you walk on them.

3). The different size of pine cones and acorns that fall from the trees which make it fun to do projects with the family.

4). It is the time of year that motivates everyone to bake more.

5). It is the perfect time of year to drink and eat delicious pumpkin and apple spice drinks and dishes.

6). It is the time to wear trendy sweaters and jackets.

7). The air smells amazing and feels fresh and crisp.

8). It’s the perfect time of year to go pumpkin and apple picking with the family.

9). It is a great time to watch scary Halloween movies.

10). It is the time of year for cozy blankets.



fall season, High 5 Dogs, CLIC Shoulder Leash

Why I love Fall Season


I adore fall season because the weather inspires me to take more walks around my neighborhood with the lovely little princess Luna. Luna is my easiest pitbull to walk around because she is the smallest one. My other 2 Pitbulls which are males are too strong for me to walk with. Recently I received this incredible trendy CLIC Shoulder Leash from High 5 Dogs which make walking Luna even easier. What’s so cool about this leash is that it’s, durable, long and has multi uses. For instance, I’m able to use it 4 different ways.


4 Ways To Use The CLIC Shoulder Leash…

  1. use it as a traditional leash.
  2. strap it around my shoulder which allows me to have my hands free to carry whatever I want.
  3. I’m able to tie my dog to any object quickly and easily.
  4. I’m able to hook it into the buckle to create a fixed sized collar.



fall season, High 5 Dogs, CLIC Shoulder Leash

fall season, High 5 Dogs, CLIC Shoulder Leash

fall season, High 5 Dogs, CLIC Shoulder Leash


A few other things I’m loving about this fall season is sitting on my deck. It helps me feel at peace looking at all the stunning leaves slowly falling off the tree. When I’m out there I bring my snugly black velvet throw blanket from Ankit and a jacket to keep me warm. This is the time I enjoy my cup of coffee or tea because it relaxes me even more. I bought the blue and white oversized, “It’s Good To Be Queen,” mug from TJ Maxx. In fact, most of my mugs are from TJ Maxx or Ankit because they have adorable designs and wording.


fall season, Ankit, A comfy blanket is a must. My favorite this month is the Black Velvet Throw Blanket from Ankit, The Boss DIY Patch

fall season, Ankit, A comfy blanket is a must. My favorite this month is the Black Velvet Throw Blanket from Ankit, The Boss DIY Patch


Furthermore, I grabbed the “I’m not Bossy, I’m The Boss,” DIY patch from Ankit to dress up my denim jacket to make it pop out. Patches are a fashionable way to quickly repair or change the look of your clothes. This patch gives you the option to iron it on or sew it on your clothes.


fall season, Ankit, A comfy blanket is a must. My favorite this month is the Black Velvet Throw Blanket from Ankit, The Boss DIY Patch


Finally, being on the east coast is one of the best places to be during the fall season. Fall represents outstanding changes around us. It also has splendid weather and breathtaking views.


28 Responses to “Why Fall Season Is Absolutely The Best In The East Coast

  • Sylvie Hanes
    2 months ago

    Fall is by far my favorite season. I tend to have guests visit at this time since most have not seen the leaves change. I’m in southern Ontario, and the colours are magnificent. As a photographer, it’s a paradise of amazing backdrops! Thanks for sharing

  • theclutterboxblog
    2 months ago

    I love fall for all the reasons you mentioned! Especially the sound of leaves when your walking! That leash looks super awesome. I might have to grab one for my friend!

  • Tanya @ Intimate Explorations
    2 months ago

    I think my favorite thing about fall would be the color changes. I say would be because I live in southern California and we don’t have that so much. Maybe I’ll plan a visit to my family in New York one fall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Linda Music
    2 months ago

    Some great ideas here particularly the dog leash. Will look into getting one for my dog.

  • Stephanie | You Are My Son Shine
    2 months ago

    I’m jealous of the Fall weather. I’m in SE Texas, it’s still basically summer. I hate it right now, but I don’t like the cold so will be happy in the south when winter arrives!

  • Adriana Martin (@ABRecipes)
    2 months ago

    Fall is my favorite season and I like when the temperatures go down. I live in the East Coast in Florida but I prefer the West =) my husband loves NY though.

  • Cynthia Salgado
    2 months ago

    Fall is an spectacular season. I like that is not too cold nor too hot, and the fashion is always my favorite part, I looove jerseys! A friend of mine has a pitbull and she never walks outside with him, her son has to do it. I was wondering why, now I know he might be too strong for her as well!

    • It sure is a spectacular season. Yes, Pitbulls are really strong. I cannot walk my other 2 Pitbulls around the block because they tend to pull so hard that I have to let go of the leash. I’m afraid they might run in front of a car or after someone.

  • Carol Cassara
    2 months ago

    The Fall season is really beautiful especially when it’s in full bloom! The colors are amazing and it’s really just one of my most favorite seasons.

  • Sarah Camille
    2 months ago

    Fall is my favorite season as well! The colors/foliage on the east coast is really unparalleled and I love wearing cozy sweaters. 🙂

  • Cat Khanh
    2 months ago

    Fall is definitely my favorite season! I love when the temperature is a little cold, it’s great to wear some cozy sweater. And in fall the color of the scene near I live are spectacular! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  • toastycritic
    2 months ago

    We love fall as well. We just recently did apple picking and going to a pumpkin patch to get the pumpkins. The only sad this is we don’t get the change of color with the leaves.

    • We went apple picking too but it was still too warm. We plan to go pumpkin picking next Sunday because we are waiting for the weather to get a little cooler.

  • Fall is the best season for fashion ever. I love layering up with scarves and jewelry and keeping cozy!

  • oliviasnewlife
    2 months ago

    I agree it’s the best season to wear jackets and God knows how much I love jackets.

  • brandidcrawfordgmailcom
    2 months ago

    This is a great post. I agree! I love the color of the leaves and snuggling under blankets.

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