Which Eye Contacts Look Better On Your Complexion

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In today’s world, we have so many options to change or enhance the way we look. One simple way to do this is to change your eye color. Using eye contacts is not only fun but also more comfortable, and fashionable compared to wearing eyeglasses. Another reason people change their eye color contacts it’s because it is temporary.


With so many color lenses available, many people find it hard to choose which colors look best on them. In order to get this right, there are a few factors to consider. First, choose eye color(s) you are most attracted to. Second, select colors that will compliment your skin tone.


Which Eye Contacts Look Better On Your Complexion

Cool Skin Tones – people with cool skin tones have fair skin. Basically, people with this type of skin can pull off almost any colored contact lens. Bright colored contacts like blues, greens, violets, turquoise, and hazel will be more appealing to this complexion.


Eye Contacts, Eye Contact - Which Ones Look Better On Your Complexion


Medium Skin Tones – People that have this type of complexion have olive, medium, tanned skin and tend to have more flexibility in eye color choices. Eye colors that tend to look amazing with this type of skin tone are honey, hazel, grey, green, violet and dark blue.


Eye Contacts, Eye Contact - Which Ones Look Better On Your Complexion


Warm Tone Skin – people with warm tone skin have more of a caramel or deep skin color. This type of skin tone looks really beautiful with neutral eye contact colors. For instance, colors like brown, hazel and grey will make your eyes pop out and make them look more natural. But remember to stay away from bright colors like blue and green to avoid an artificial look.


Eye Contacts, Eye Contact - Which Ones Look Better On Your Complexion



A great and affordable place to quickly buy eye contacts is LensCircle. This fantastic eye contact lens store has a lot of color contact lenses. In addition, they have prescription lenses and different designs to choose from.


Eye Contacts, Eye Contact - Which Ones Look Better On Your Complexion, LenCircle


Finally, when choosing your eye color lens keep in mind to choose eye lenses that will enhance your skin complexion. By doing this it will make your eye color look more natural.


26 Responses to “Which Eye Contacts Look Better On Your Complexion

  • I don’t need contacts for seeing but I would totally wear some just for beauty. I have blue/green eyes and would love to brighten them with a really light blue!

  • Adriana Martin (@ABRecipes)
    3 weeks ago

    How cool is this great idea if want to change the color of your eyes and also see better. Digging this! Will check them out =)

  • What perfect timing! I was just considering making the jump from glasses to contact lenses. So why not go for colour lenses!

  • I’ve often wondered what I would look like with brown eyes. It would be fun to test out!

  • thewanderingcore
    3 weeks ago

    I already have contact lenses for power and I was thinking of using it for color too. I have medium tone, and I think I’m going to try your recommendation!

  • Tanya @ Intimate Explorations
    3 weeks ago

    Great advice! I’ve never been a fan of the colored eye contacts, but it may be because the color choices looked so artificial so as not to be believable. But picking based on skin color/tone makes perfect sense. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • graceherjourney
    3 weeks ago

    These are very usefull tips for people who wear contacts. I don’t think that most people actually take the skin complection in consideration when they choose their color contacts.

  • This Wife Cooks
    3 weeks ago

    I like the suggestions for different skin tones. I didn’t even realize colored contacts were still around! 😀

    • They sure are. I was surprised when one of my friends told me her blue eyes were not her true eye color. When she took them off they were a light hazel green.

  • Dorothy Reinhold
    3 weeks ago

    I think it is really fun to have different options! I would love to try something different.

  • Ingrid Rizzolo
    3 weeks ago

    Obviously, I like eye colors that are better suited to warmer skin tones.

  • thenafranssen
    3 weeks ago

    I would love to wear to just change my eye color! I don’t need them, but would be open to it!!!

  • I am very much fascinated by colored lens. Thanks for the great post. It really helped me to pick the best for me!

  • Janella Panchamsingh
    2 weeks ago

    I have always wanted to try coloured contacts again I think they are so pretty

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