Safer And Affordable Way To Instantly Change Your Eye Color

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I’m sure there has been a time in your life you’ve wanted your eye color to be different. In fact, many people with dark colored eyes like myself desire this the most. Also, there are those who just simply want to enhance the intensity of their eye color. Because of this, people have gone through extreme measures to change the color of their eyes. One of those has been a new cosmetic procedure, iris implant surgery that can permanently change the color of your eyes. Unfortunately, Researchers have concluded this cosmetic procedure can cause severe eye damage. Seriously it is not worth to mess with our eyes especially because they can’t be replaced.


Different Ways To Change Your Eye Color:

  • surgery
  • makeup
  • colored eye contact



Safer And Affordable Way To Instantly Change Your Eye Color


Eye Color, LensCircle


Instead, it is better to stick with safer and more affordable alternatives. For instance, some women find wearing certain shades of makeup enhances their eye color. However this only works for women with light eyes, especially hazel. Luckily for the rest us we have the option to temporary change our eyes with color contact lenses. Many people love this option because they are able to use different shades. Some people even use drastic freaky colors, especially during Halloween.



Popular Colors People Tend To Use:

  • blue, green
  • purple
  • brown
  • gray
  • black
  • hazel



Eye Color, LensCircle



I don’t change my eye color that often but when I do I use the LensCircle World Series, Grey (CM901), World Series Green (CM903), World Series Blue (CM904) color lenses. I really like using this brand because their lenses come in a large selection of cool colors, sizes, and gorgeous styles. Also, honestly their prices are really affordable compared to other eye lens companies. They even come with a fashionable drawstring bag to store the eye contacts in. Furthermore, LensCircle specializes in extra-wide circle contact lenses to make the eye appear larger.This trend is very popular among people with smaller eyes.


Why Use LensCirlce:

  • have a large selection of colors
  • they come in many styles
  • are very affordable



Eye Color, LensCircle


22 Responses to “Safer And Affordable Way To Instantly Change Your Eye Color

  • Lavanda Michelle
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the information. I never wore makeup, but always wanted to know how to, just in case.

  • Mary La Fornara (@itsaboutpretty)
    3 weeks ago

    Wow, I had no idea this was a thing! It would definitely be fun to change my eye color once in a while!

  • thewanderingcore
    3 weeks ago

    Lenses really are a nice option for those who like different shades for eye colour. I personally prefer lighter eye shade but because of eye pencil I use I don’t try lenses. But I am sure the ones you’ve tried I can try to start !! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jill Fickling-Conyers
    3 weeks ago

    I’ve always thought it would be fun to play with different eye colors using contacts. I would try blue.

  • toastycritic
    3 weeks ago

    I like how natural these contacts look with the different colors. Just so beautiful here.

  • Perla Jacobs
    3 weeks ago

    I’ve commented on this before but I cannot see my post. I;ve said that I wanted so badly to change the color of my eyes when I was a teenager from black to purple so that people would admire me, but now I don’t want that anymore, I’m pleased with my eyes.

  • supermillennial
    3 weeks ago

    Wow, I didn’t even know this was a thing! I had some contacts in the past but this seems cool.

  • george dippenaar
    3 weeks ago

    How much are they? I would love to try the hazel and green.

  • Gayathri Lakshminarayanan
    3 weeks ago

    I have tried color lenses when I was a teen, but then somehow they looked odd on my Indian dusky skin. May be I will like it now.

  • Martha L Boddie
    3 weeks ago

    Great post! My sister has naturally very light brown eyes and my husband has this beautiful blue/green color. I am of course, stuck with dark brown. I tend to accentuate my eye brow color to make up for it!

  • lucicoo
    3 weeks ago

    That’s really interesting. I’ve been looking for coloured contacts that where safe.

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