Celebs Inspired Today’s Fashion Trends

What I love about fashion is how it always revolves throughout the years. Fashion basically goes through so much phases. Uniqueness with a touch of edginess has always been my fashion taste every since I was a teen. Back then there weren’t many people that were outfits that pop out like today’s new generation. I knew I was different but didn’t realized I was just expressing myself artistically through fashion. Celebs inspired today’s fashion trends such as, Janet Jackson, Modonna and Paula Abdule.

Modonna was always so daring and didn’t care what anyone thought of her and I loved that about her. I admired how confident she wore her edgy ankle boots and gladiator sandals when no one else was wearing them. She was known for her arm candy, her edgy mesh and lace crop tops. Also her high-waisted denim jeans, fitted midi, mini, tulle skirts wore to die.

Paula Abdule and Janet Jackson were popular with how well they wore their sophisticated and sexy fitted blazers and wide leg slacks. Janet always was known for her 1 hoop earring, combat boots and baseball cap. She looked amazing when she wore fitted vests, crop tops and high-waisted denim jeans.

Finally these famous fashionistas were not afraid to experiment with their individuality when society was so uncomfortable to. Edginess now-a-days is not the same as it was back then because there are so many people that are not afraid to try new things.

Celebs Inspired Today’s Fashion Trends

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