Celebrities Secret To Looking Young

Celebrities Secret To Looking Young: Have you noticed how unbelievably young celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Watts look? These ladies are in their forties but look like they’re in their late twenties/early thirties. Don’t you agree? Well, one of their secret to looking younger is they are getting high-tech weekly facial treatments that give them a “natural facelift look” that last for days!

What exactly is this treatment called?!? This popular rejuvenating treatment these celebs are receiving is called the microcurrent treatments. It basically is a “non-surgical face lift,” that instantly tones, lifts, firms and re-educates sagging muscles returning them to their youthful form. The way this treatment works is it releases a low level of electrical current that mirrors body’s own natural current and wakes up the muscle continually, resulting in increasing collagen production, elastin and blood circulation. Scientists have found that microcurrent facelift treatments trigger the body’s production of amino acids and adenosine triphosphste (ATP) which accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production.

Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, Celebrities Secret To Looking Young

I am excited to have come across this type of treatment because I don’t like needles and chemicals injected into my body. When I found out about the microcurrent treatments I immediately did my research to find out the costs. I then realized I couldn’t afford the weekly treatments through a Dermatologist or an Estheticians because they are way too pricy. I am lucky enough, to review the NuFace for free in return for an honest review (please note even though I review this product for free all opinions are my own).

NuFace is a home microcurrent facial toning device. My NuFace mini facial toning device came with a starter kit, which included a gel primer, (a paraben free electrolyte gel which you apply before treatment, allows microcurrent device to easily glide across the skin) and a collagen booster, (a copper complex which stimulate the collagen production). They state their devices basically stimulate the production and storage of collagen and elastin to improves skin tone such as cheeks sculpt, jawline tightens, soften wrinkles and fine lines. I have been using this extraordinary device for 5 days a week, for around 2 weeks and noticed my skin tightening in my cheek and jaw areas the most . What is also great about this device is only takes 5 minutes to use and it’s small enough to take it anywhere on the go.

Petite, Portable & Powerful! 

Celebrities Secret To Looking Young


Celebrities Secret To Looking Young,  Easy to use instructions:

  1. Remove make-up and cleanse skin with an oil-free cleanser. Because oil based products block the penetration of micocurrent.
  2. Apply NuFace Gel Primer in a mask-like layer to one area at a time, beginning with the left cheek. Skin should appear wet. You should feel no sensation from the device. If you do readjust power intensity until you feel comfort. Apply to the entire left cheek area as shown.
  3. Push the ON/OFF button on your device and wait for the beep to begin step 2 lift.

*It is recommended to do the treatment for 5 times a week, for 5 minutes, for a total of 60 days. Afterwards it is recommended to treat your face 2-3 times a week to maintain results.


Celebrities Secret To Looking Young, Lifting instructions:

  1. Beginning on the left jawline, place sphere as shown on Position1.
  2. When beep sounds, glide from position 1 to lower ear.
  3. When beep sounds, move to  position 2 and glide to mid-ear. When beep sounds, move to position 3 and glide to upper ear.
  4. Repeat, each glide three times.
  5. Move to left forehead, and apply Gel primer from the eyebrow to the hairline.
  6. Place spheres as shown on position 1, when beep sounds glide to hairline. When beep sounds move to position 2 and glide to hairline. When beep sounds, move to position 3 and glide to hairline.
  7. Repeat each glide three times.







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